What did Corona Virus teach us?


We are in the middle of Corona Virus pandemic and one way or another, we are getting effected. We don’t know how far will this pandemic go and how much destruction will it cause. People have lost families, jobs, mental well-being and lot more because of Corona Virus. Any pandemic brings only destruction and chaos in its surroundings. Furthermore Covid-19 has touched every corner of the world and changed the situation drastically. So what did this filthy virus teach us about life?

  1. Health is Wealth: Don’t run for love, money, success all the time. By this time, you might have already known that health was and is the most important thing one can acquire. So give time improving your health as well. Its not even that hard to maintain a healthy body. You can try healthy diet, increased fruits intake, water intake, regular exercises and meditation, discouraging unhealthy habits like drinking excessive alcohol, smoking and such. Once you start giving time to yourself, maintaining yourself, it becomes a habit soon and help you greatly.health-is-wealth-technepal
  2. Save Money:  Until this time, you might have already run out of money. Its been two months since lockdown started and most of middle class families have already gone broke. So establish the habit of saving money no matter how much you save, it will be of great help in the future. Not every family has good income but we all can minimize our expense, cant we? We can decrease the habit of outside fooding, partying, unwanted buying of stuffs and so on. The result might not seem very promising at the beginning but gradually it will be a huge amount. On average, an smoker spends around 75 Rs on cigarettes daily and an alcohol user spends around 500 Rs on beer daily. If you can sacrifice your habit of smoking and drinking, then you will be able to save approx 12000 each month which is a great improvement.save-money-technepal
  3. Cleanliness: The prime way to prevent yourself from Covid-19 currently is through maintaining cleanliness. Always wash your hands before and after eating and coming home from work ,bath regularly and keep a sanitizer in your bag every time. Not only this, regularly clean your home and belongings with antiseptic liquids. Most importantly, create a healthy habit of putting on masks everyday. Also, one can adapt habit of saying0 “Namaste” instead of handshakes and all.cleanliness-technepal
  4. Maintain good relationship with everyone: One way or another we have taken or given help from and to our relatives, friends, neighbors during this pandemic. Behave good with everyone and respect everyone. You never know who might come handy in future. At last, its your near and dear ones who will help you and support you in any situations.maintain-good-relationship-technepal
  5. Nature can fight back: Nature is the ultimate winner of all. We all are dependent on nature directly or indirectly and we are slaves of nature. If one way or another, people try to destroy nature, it causes destruction and ultimately harms human. Earthquake, landslides, global warming and even Corona Virus increment is a part of nature where it is fighting back with humans. So after all this pandemic is over, lets protect and prevent all the aspects of nature.nature-is-powerful
  6. Develop yourself: During this lockdown, we are unable to go out to buy regular foods and groceries which leave us with only one choice to cook for ourselves. Not only cooking, we can learn other household works and farming as well. We can work on developing other skills which we are interested in. We can read books and learn many things. So don’t take this pandemic as a curse but utilize this time to improve yourself and your well-being.self-development-technepal



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