Tiktokers getting banned


Tiktok is on trend nowadays and so are tiktokers. Tiktok has been on trending negatively  and in verse of getting banned in India. Similarly, tiktokers are getting banned already because of the contents they create. Tiktok has certain rules, regulations and policies on the basis of which they can remove the content and even ban the user if found violating the rules. A famous tiktoker of India naming Faizal Siddique from Team Nawab. Not only him, other Tiktokers are also getting banned for not following Community Guidelines.


Recently, his Tiktok account was banned and he received a lot of criticism from Indian Media Community as well. He was accused of promoting Violence Act in one of his Tiktok video. He had published a video where it seemed that he was throwing acid onto the face of a women after getting rejection. After one month of his video got published in Tiktok, one of BJP politician tweeted the matter to National Commission for Women and actions were taken against him. Faizal had 13millions of tiktok followers before getting banned. Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor also released a video against Faizal Siddique. After the allegations that were made against him, he posted an Instagram video and writings where he was apologizing to everyone who got offended and was sharing his side of story.

Here is what he shared:

Lets all create a peaceful environment on Tiktok and not promote any violence or hatred among each other. Lets be creative and enjoy using Tiktok and stay united.


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