Tiktok on verse to be banned?


Tiktok was and is on trending. The only difference is that before it was on trending because of its content, unique filters and engaging audience and currently its on trending because it is on the verse to be banned. Users are flooding Tiktok with 1 star reviews with the sole intention to remove it from play store. Before, this trend had happened with “Google Classroom” where its users, mostly students were demanding it to be banned to avoid them attending online classes. The trend for banning google classrooms started from Tiktok itself. So what led to Tiktok from such positive fame to negative rating? Let’s find out.

How did it all start?


It all started from India where a famous Indian youtuber named “Carry Minati” did a roast video replying to a tiktoker “Amir Siddique”. The video was titled “Tiktok VS YouTube” where carry was replying to Amir in a very savage way. The video had gone viral in India and Nepal crossing  a total of 65 million views and 9+ million likes. The videos was able to break many YouTube records, it was titled the most liked non musical video of India in just 2 days of its release. All of a sudden, the video was deleted permanently removed from YouTube as a violation of YouTube policy since most of the people reported the video as harassment.

Whole Indian YouTube community was in shock when Carry said that the video is not coming back after this incident. After this incident took place, a voice recording of Amir was leaked though the authenticity is questionable where it was heard him saying that he ultimately did it and more is yet to come. So all the fans of Carry Minati decided to ban Tiktok from India as well as from google play store by rating it 1 star. According to the policy of Google, if an application get less than a star under review, than it is most probable to be removed from play store. Hence,the process is going on where mostly Indians are rating 1 star to Tiktok as a support to Carry Minati and YouTube as well. Carry Minati had around 14 millions subscribers before this controversy started and in just 1 week, he gained 4 million subscribers. Currently he has a subscribers count of 18.2 million which is a huge fan base. This video not only affected Amir Siddique in personnel but also other tiktokers as well. Well known tiktoker Faisu had released a video of his vlog where he had talked nothing about this controversy, yet his video has 17 million views with 400k likes and 3.1 million dislikes becoming the most disliked video of Indian YouTube community. Not only him, others tiktokers have also been roasted such as Revolver rani, Team Nawab, Team 07. People are spamming their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok as well. By observing the people’s mindset, more digital negativity is yet to come.


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