Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Carry Minati’s “Yalgaar” crosses skyrocket 100 million on Youtbube

Carry Minati's "Yalgaar" has crossed 100 million views on Youtube and is trending on all social media sites.The most awaited title track was officially...

Tiktokers getting banned

Tiktok is on trend nowadays and so are tiktokers. Tiktok has been on trending negatively  and in verse of getting banned in India. Similarly,...

Tiktok on verse to be banned?

Tiktok was and is on trending. The only difference is that before it was on trending because of its content, unique filters and engaging...


How to enter Share Market in Nepal

Share Market is a never ending market for every country. Currently, it is booming in context of Nepal as well. More and more people...

Mi Band 5 launched in Nepal


Best ways to make your computer faster instantly in 2020

Computer is the most essential device in 2020 for completing any tasks whether it be programming, editing, gaming or just surfing the internet. No...