New scenic photo that is crashing android operating system


A scenic picture is causing lot of hype nowadays not because of its beauty or creativity but because of the error that it is causing on android devices.

No, this image is not a malware or virus. It is just a normal photo with normal configurations and properties. The photo was first circulated from “” which is a wallpaper distributing website. The photo is originally clicked in landscape mode and later changed into portrait mode to be kept as a wallpaper in mobile devices. Here is the screenshotted image from the original one(not to cause any errors on your devices).

photo-that-is-crashing-android-technepalCurrently the original image is taken down from the internet and not available easily anywhere. It might be available on some social media sites or search engines, but they are just duplicates of the original photo.

What caused the crash on android?

Actually this image uses a color profile of “pro photo rgb” which is not supported on android devices. Android devices uses color profile of “srgb” on the pictures clicked, screen-shotted or edited. When observing the properties of the picture, it is just a normal picture taken from Nikon D850 camera and using pro photo color rgb and there seems nothing fishy in the picture. After resizing the picture in portrait mode, the resolution was changed to 1440*2560 which is the current android smartphone wallpaper resolution. When further researched, there seems to have a single pixel that is causing the causing your android devices preferably Samsung or google devices to crash continuously without letting you in from the lock screen. While the original photo crashes your operating system, the image taken from social media sites or after a screen shot wont probably hamper your operating system because most social networking sites decreases the size and change color profile after uploading or sharing a picture.


Android 11 is expected to have a patch on this error or bug. Don’t use this as your wallpaper until further updates or if you want to try, have backups of your data before trying. As of now, this error is not reported on IOS users maybe because of their different color profile algorithm on UI. Do check this video for further information.    



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