How to Type Faster : 4 tips and tricks


There is no rocket science in learning how to type. You just follow some tips and boom and can type at an average 60 WPM(Words Per Minute).Typing may seems difficult and disappointing at the beginning but once you get the use of it, you will be able to type seamlessly without even looking at the keyboard. Following these tips and tricks, you will gradually feel your typing speed rise up and soon you will get the hang of it.

Follow these tips to type faster

1.Set Your Position:

Sitting position may not be seen as a prime factor, but actually it greatly helps in improving your typing speed. Proper sitting position means sitting 45-70 cm away from your computer screen with your back straight and eyes head aligned straight with the top of monitor. This position will ensure better positioning for hands and also good for your back and eyes. Continuous typing for a longer period will result in eye straining and back pain so you shouldn’t sacrifice body pain while typing. Maintaining a good posture is always beneficial for typing and your body as well.


2. Positioning on Keyboard:

We all start typing with our pointing finger and gradually start working with other fingers as well. Yet, we don’t achieve the typing speed that we want. The main reason is because we don’t know the basics of typing principle. We may not know it but our keyboards are built in such a way to ensure easy and fast typing without even seeing on the keyboard.

You might or mightn’t have noticed that there is a dot raised on “J” and “F” keys. The dots are there for a reason. The dots are there for a purpose to familiarize your pointing fingers followed by your middle finger, ring finger and little finger and both the thumbs on the space key. The figure here shows how your hands should be aligned in a keyboard.

arm position while typing

First learn how to position your fingers on keyboard then you are ready for the next and most important lesson. Also, don’t changes your keyboard once you get used to it as every keyboards has its own different key spacing and key press capacity. So its better to stick to a single keyboard.

3.Know the role of each finger:

Each finger has its own different role in typing. The perfect combination and coordination of each finger results in fast and easy typing. All the 10 fingers are continuously and simultaneously working in a well coordinated way, i.e.  at a time, you will be able to press at most 8 keys excluding thumbs for “space”. Here is a simple picture that denotes respective keys for them.finger-position-while-typing-technepal

The respective keys for each fingers are mentioned below:

  1. Left Index Finger: R, T, F, G, V, B and 4,5($,%)
  2. Left Middle Finger: E, D, C and 3(#)
  3. Left Ring Finger: W, S, X and 2(@)
  4. Left Pinky Finger: Q, A, Z, “tab”, “Caps”, “Shift”, “Ctrl”, “~”, “Windows key” and 1(!)
  5. Left Thumb: Space button
  6. Right Index Finger: Y, U, H, J, N, M and 6,7(^,&)
  7. Right Middle Finger: I, K, “,”, “Alt” and 8(*)
  8. Right Ring Finger: O, L, “.” and 9(“(“)
  9. Right Pinky Finger: P, “;”, “/”, “Ctrl”, “Shift”, “Enter”, “[]”, “\”, “Backspace” ,0(“)”) , “-“, and “=”
  10. Right Thumb: Thumb button


Practice is the major factor that will improve your typing speed. You won’t see visible changes in your typing speed until and unless you type daily and regularly. Gradually, you will see changes in your typing speed from 30 wpm to 60 wpm and more. There are various ways and platform to practice typing.

  • Typing platforms: There are many typing platforms available online. Some of the common typing platforms are: keybr,  Typerush ,Typing Academy 
  • Practicing offline: You can even practice typing offline. The sentence below consists of all 26 letters from English alphabets “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Also, consider writing essays or articles everyday without looking at the keyboard.



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