pubg mobile tips to get better


PUBG mobile is currently the most played and liked game on mobile platform nowadays. The competitive playing style, unique gameplay and engaging audience tactics make this game the most liked game on mobile phone. Since, this game is very competitive, there are some tactics and playing style that you will need to adapt in order to get good at this game. Here are some of the factors that you might wanna consider if you want to excel at PUBG mobile.

Top 10 tips to get better in PUBG mobile.

  1. Warm up and Practice: Practice is the prime key to get better in PUBG mobile. You can try practicing in arena mode or training session just before starting a rank match. Playing tdm often improve ones reflexes and ability to win close fights. So always do a warm up match before a rank game, it will make your sensitivity, finger orientation and adrenaline match up before a game of PUBG .
  2. Proper sensitivity and settings: PUBG offers variety of in-game settings and sensitivity which can be changed according to your needs. You can check and implement the best graphic settings, sound settings and most importantly sensitivity settings for better gameplay. You have the ability to change individual settings of each scope which gives you more freedom. Also, try find your best sensitivity by playing training room and change accordingly. You can try changing your finger layout to more than two fingers as well for more faster reflexes so you might wanna consider that as well.
  3. Landing: Landing has a great impact whether you survive in a rush fight or not. If you get a perfect landing, then you will have increased probability of getting guns faster and killing opponents faster. The fastest landing speed is 234mph. For a perfect landing, try pushing the joystick towards top left or top right rather than just straight. Also, the perfect distance to fall using this trick is 800m away from your destination so that you will land with the fastest speed possible. You might wanna watch the video from the link provided for better insights. Watch Video.
  4. Team formation: You might wanna get into a clan and build up a team for progressive game-play. Playing with your clan mates or friends grants you more communication, backups, and loot sharing rather than just playing with random players online. Always remember, team work makes the dream work in PUBG .
  5. Stay together: Once you have created a clan or started playing with your friends, develop a habit of staying together. Don’t just roam here and there for loot and kills. Rather, stay together and provide support for your teammate. You can provide cover to your teammate or share loot. The probability of getting revived, getting cover fire and knocking down enemies increases when you stay together with your team.
  6. Role management: Know you forte. You can divide the role for each player in your team. The roles can be divided into AR expert, Sniper expert, grenade expert, rusher, cover provider, flanker and driver. Dividing the roles helps your team understand each other more and also decreases confusion when in fight with opponents. Everyone with play accordingly following their roles resulting in effective game-play.

  7. Communication: Healthy communication can always come handy in rush fights and even long range fights. Always, turn your mic on to “team” and and put the speaker to “all” so that you might get to listen to opponent’s talk if gotten lucky. Also, keep on talking with your teammate, let them know the whereabouts of enemy and implement the strategy developed in each game. Also, don’t bother nagging your teammate after you are dead. You will just make them more nervous.
  8. Know the map well: Knowing the map well always come handy in rush situations. You can easily remember where to go and where not to go. Also, you will know the inside out of buildings. You will know where the perfect hiding locations are at and always remain safe till the last circle. Also, you will know the spawn locations of vehicle as well.
  9. Accessories: Accessories always come handy helps in detailing the game. The most important accessory that you might wanna use is earphone. It grants you clear sound of the footsteps and you can rush or hide accordingly. Also, if your hands are always sweaty, you might wanna buy finger gloves for smooth game-play. You can even assist yourself buying a trigger for quick reflexes in PUBG.
  10. Don’t rush for kills: We all want more and more kills. In the greed of getting kills, we often get killed in the mean time. Don’t rush for kills only, rather knock the enemy down and go for the squad wipe. Also prepare yourself to switch weapons when on a close combat. It saves much time rather than reloading and you can knock down enemies quicker. But when on a distance fight like with snipers, its better to go for the kill with someone to have your cover.

These were some of the most useful tips to survive until the last circle or even get a Chicken Dinner. Follow these steps and you will see visible change in very short period of time in PUBG mobile. Good luck.


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