1st program in C language


Programming is the process of writing an algorithm, lines of codes into a programming language, so that it can be executed by a computer or a similar machine. There are many types of programming, each having their own specific purpose but ultimately linked to making a computer do what we want. Some of the common programming languages are ‘C’ , ‘C++’ , ‘JAVA’ , ‘Python’ , ‘C#’ , ‘JavaScript’ , ‘Ruby’ , ‘Swift’.

Here is some insights on C programming language

Source: www.geeksforgeeks.com

C programming language is the most common, moderately easy to understand programming language one can try while starting to learn programming. Programming, not everyone’s cup of tea, but you should definitely try it once in a lifetime. It lets you think and experience how you can function a machine with certain line of codes.

There are various platforms where you can write you C programming codes. Some of them are Code::blocks, Sublime text, Visual Studio, Dev C++ and the list goes on.

In every programming language, you will be taught to display a text “hello world”. It is the basic step of learning how to code. The code for displaying it in C is given below;

Program to Display “Hello, World!” in C

  1. #include<stdio.h>
  2. #include<conio.h>
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5. printf(“Hello World”);
  6. getch();
  7. }
Hello World                                                
How “Hello, World” program works?
  • The #include is a preprocessor command that tells the compiler to include the contents of <stdio.h>(standard input and output) and <conio.h> (console input and output)file in the program.
  • The <stdio.h> file contains functions such as scanf() and printf() to take input and display output.
  • Writing main() function executes a program
  • Library function printf() tells the compiler to the display whatever written inside it.
  • The getch(); is used to hold the screen until user type any keystroke for the further process of a program.

A program can be done with multiples ways in C or any other programming languages, so don’t get confused if you find alternative ways for a same program. Choose the process that makes you comfortable. 



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