cyber war between Nepal and India


Recently a cyber war started between hacktivist groups from Nepal and India. The war started when an Indian hacker group “Indian Cyber Troops” hacked the website of “Ministry of Forest and Environment” of Nepal stating the reason of hacking to be land encroachment issue. Currently Nepal and India have a discussion running on land issue consisting Lipulekh, Kalapani, Limpyadhura.

Indian Hackers hacked certain websites of Nepal and started a twitter war. As a reply to this, Nepali hacker group “Satan and Brahma” also hacked the educational websites of India, here is the details:

Hacking didn’t just stop there. The matter came into rise when “Satan” along with “Brahma” hacked the ApI key and jw-license key of “ABP news”. ABP news was seemed exaggerating the land encroachment issues and accusing Nepal regarding the matter. The hacking had now turned into  cyber war and hackers from both countries were seems equally immature to do such activities. Here is the details shared by “Satan” regarding ABP news.

It seems that this matter is going to go much further. Lets hope for the best and all stay in peace. War of any kind will never bring peace and equally harm everyone. The government from both sides must discuss about the issue, or else the matter will more and more worse.




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