Carry Minati’s “Yalgaar” crosses skyrocket 100 million on Youtbube


Carry Minati’s “Yalgaar” has crossed 100 million views on Youtube and is trending on all social media sites.The most awaited title track was officially released on 5th June 2020 and since then,the video is trending and won many hearts. Currently,the videos holds 10 million likes and 281k dislikes with over 1.3 million comments.Carry Minati gained almost 3 million subscribers from this video and he currently holds 22 million subscriber being the most subscribed content creator in India.This is the biggest hit of his video or any individual video creator here in India.

Insights on Carry Minati’s “Yalgaar”

Yalgaar was not pre-planned like his any other songs. In fact it was a reply song full of rage to all the content creators that played a vital role in removal of one of his video from Youtube titled “Youtube Vs Tiktok”. He had released the video a month ago where he roasted Tiktokers regarding the content they make.He showed the video of a famous tiktoker “Amir Siddique” where Amir seemed to talk about why Tiktok and tiktokers are better than Youtube and Youtubers. As a reply,carry made that video and roasted Amir. Later on, the video was removed by Youtube as a violation of Youtube Privacy Policy.The video created a lot of controversies among the content creators itself. Some content creators seemed to like and support the opinion of Carry Minati whereas some creators seemed to dislike the idealogy of Carry and made a video showing why Carry is wrong in many ways. Long story short,after all these incidents,Carry was devastated as his video had already crossed 64 million views on Youtube and had already broken many records in the Youtube Community. He was inactive for some days,and later on he released the teaser poster for Yalgaar informing all that he was back again.The song Yalgaar was solely dedicated to the Youtubers and content creators that had played a vital role in taking down his video.


Content Creators that Carry included in his video as a reply to their hatredness:

  • The first and most important purpose of this song itself was a reply to Amir Siddique. Carry has included blurred picture of Amir Siddique and his leaked voice recording where he clearly says that he had a major role for the removal of Carry’s video.Amir seemed to abuse Carry and clearly stated that he will misuse his powers to bring down Carry.
  • Also,he addressed Dhruv Rathee, Saimon Says and Kunal Kamra as snakes and showed their major message which he disliked.
  • Carry showed a picture message where Dhruv says, “Sab bol rahe he toh maine socha main bhi bool doon”.We couldn’t find anything bad against Carry on Dhruv’s video.He just showed his analytics and reports where he showed why he prefers Youtube more than Tiktok. You can watch his video here.
  • Picture message of Kunal kamra shows, “ohhhhhhhhhhh” which kunal uses in his roast video that is derived from the rap battle meme video where ohhhhhh means roasted and burned totally. Kunal made a video roasting Carry Minati. You can watch the video here. Interestingly,the video has 9 million views with 2.3 million dislikes and 400k likes.
  • Picture message of Saimon Says shows, “Pehle bhai ki chatne ka aur phir bhai ko chu**** bolne ka”. Actually Saiman made a video roasting Carry’s video. You can watch the video here. Actually,if you are not biased,then you will find this video interesting and make you raise questions against Carry minati’s video. Saimon clearly showed why he disliked the video and how has it impacted the youth and supportes of Carry.

This was a complete insights of Carry Minati’s Yalgaar. This song will always be remembered as a prime factor for Carry’s rise in Youtube. Here is the link of Yalgaar if you haven’t listened to it.


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