Best ways to make your computer faster instantly in 2020


Computer is the most essential device in 2020 for completing any tasks whether it be programming, editing, gaming or just surfing the internet. No one loves a slow or laggy computer, so in this article, we will be discussing about some tips and tricks to make your computer faster.

Here are 8 tips to make your computer fast and increase boot speed, loading time and also processing speed:


1.Virtual RAM(memory):Virtual Memory is a memory management process that works as an extension of RAM which help compensate physical memory shortages. The working principle of virtual memory is it changes the address of memory from RAM to disk drive unbeknown to CPU hence resulting in faster processing speed. Here is how you can enable or extend the virtual memory in your computer:

  • Search for “performance” on Windows search bar.
  • Choose “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows” from the available options. It should open the first box from collage below.
  • Click on “Advanced” from the first box shown. Then click on “Change” from virtual memory sub-section.
  • At last, untick “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and tick “Custom size” below the space available section from the last box shown. On basis of your drive size, allocate minimum and maximum size of data to be allocated in Virtual Memory and press “OK”.virtual-ram-setup-technepal

2.Disable auto startup for applications: Some of the application have the privilege to allow themselves to auto start while booting. This makes the application open up faster and search for updates but makes the startup and computer processing slower. To disable auto-startup in you PC:

  • Right click on the taskbar-menu and click on “Task Manager” or press “Ctrl+SHIFT+ESC” altogether to open task manager directly.task-manager-technepal

Then, click on “Startup” on the menu and disable the applications that you don’t want running on the background while booting. Caution:Don’t disable apps are published by “Microsoft Corporation” itself. It might cause errors.


3.Clean unwanted files from your Drive: Without our knowledge, there are many unwanted files and folders being created in your local disks consuming the memory. For cleaning those files:

  • Open the command prompt(WINDOWS KEY+R).
  • Type “temp”(without “”) and run, allow permissions if asked.
  • Delete all the files on being shown and close the tabs.
  • Again, open command prompt and type “%temp%” and do the same.
  • Finally type “prefetch” and follow the same step.
  • Some files might not get deleted, just ignore them.

Also, consider emptying recycle bin once in a while as recycle bin uses the storage capacity from C drive.

4.Use antivirus: Antivirus always come handy identifying malware and viruses. Try buying an antivirus software or you can even use free antivirus software. Currently, McAfee is providing free antivirus software for 6 months trail or you can even use free versions of any other antivirus. Try disabling firewall and keep on doing quick scan time to time. Once you set up an antivirus, try conducting a deep scan which will take some time but it will give you a detailed report of your computer.

5.Use genuine applications: Always use genuine and non-pirated applications with valid license. Using pirated application from Torrent might result in access of virus and malware in your computer. Also, some pirated application violate the internal coding of computer hence resulting in them having full access of your computer. Reports shows that,65% of people have experienced lag after downloading pirated apps. So stop using pirated apps and better use a free alternative app if you have less money to buy genuine product.

6.Try upgrading to SSD: Solid-state drive(SSD) is a storage device that is very faster than Hard Disk Drive and other storage options available in the market. They run silently, have quick access and no moving parts are used making it less prone to heating. They are bit expensive than HDD but are very efficient are worth the price. You can find a SSD for around $20(Rs 3000) for a 128 GB variant. It improves the boot time of the computer, load application faster and improve the processing speed of your computer making your device automatically faster.

7. Change some settings: You can try changing certain settings to make your PC faster. Though this might not work on all devices, but it has shown notable change on most of the computers. The process have been shown below:

  • Search for “Power and Sleep settings” on the Windows Search Bar.
  • Click on “Additional Power Settings” under the “Related Settings” section.
  • Then, choose on ” Choose what power button do” on the top left section.
  • Click on “Change setting that are currently unavailable”.
  • Disable “Turn on Fast Startup”. Yes, you read it right. Disable it. It has seemed to cause delay in startup opposite of what is says in most of the computers. You can experiment trying to turn it on as well on your PC as it varies from one to another.

8.Update device and drivers regularly: Device drivers plays a vital role in slowing or boosting your computer. Regularly update your drivers, you can also update the drivers manually if you have an advanced version of current drivers. To access your driver section, simple search for “Device Manager” and select any driver that you want to update.





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