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India bans tiktok

India bans Tiktok and 58 other Chinese application

India has banned famous applications like Tiktok, UC browser and more 57 application as a result of outrage against recent clash at Ladakh . After...
pi cryptocurrency logo

Is Pi( π ) Cryptocurrency the Future?

Digital currency like Bitcoin is well known to everyone and everyone wants to mine it.But it requires lots of money,strategies and lot of attention...

Carry Minati’s “Yalgaar” crosses skyrocket 100 million on Youtbube

Carry Minati's "Yalgaar" has crossed 100 million views on Youtube and is trending on all social media sites.The most awaited title track was officially...
Fast Computer 2020

Best ways to make your computer faster instantly in 2020

Computer is the most essential device in 2020 for completing any tasks whether it be programming,editing,gaming or just surfing the internet.No one loves a...

परिस्थिति अनुकूल भएपछि कोरोना बाट आफूलाई कसरी बचाउने?

आज हाम्रो देश नेपाल कोरोना को कारण बन्द भएको ७० दिन पूर्ण भएको छ।यस अवधि सम्म २२०० जाना कोरोना बाट संक्रमित भइसकेका...
st mary lake

New scenic photo that is crashing android operating system

A scenic picture is causing lot of hype nowadays not because of its beauty or creativity but because of the error that it is...

Redmi Note 9 pro launched in Nepal

Redmi Note 9 pro to launch in Nepali market today. Xiaomi has launched the redmi note 9 series here in Nepal after the successful launch...

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1st program in C language

Programming is the process of writing an algorithm,lines of codes into a programming language, so that it can be executed by a computer or a similar machine.There...

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